Photo Discover the States that compose the USA

Discover the States that compose the USA

United States, here we are! When we hear the name USA, we right away think of stereotype products or places such as MacDonald's, the Statue of Liberty, hip-hop or things of the kind.

And we are right! All these exist there: delicious food, extraordinary culture, and interesting history. The USA is full of beautiful landscapes to discover and is one of the best destinations for vacation as well. You will definitely live impressive unforgettable experience.

But where can you go? So many states

Yes. The United States is a federal republic composed of fifty states, which gather to form one big State. Just remember that even if there are many states, the American laws are made by and for all American citizens and the administrative procedures are the same all over the States.

Which ones are they?

In alphabetic order, they are: ­

  • Alabama ­
  • Alaska ­
  • Arizona ­
  • Arkansas ­
  • California ­
  • Colorado ­
  • Connecticut ­
  • Delaware ­
  • Florida ­
  • Georgia ­
  • Hawaii ­
  • Idaho ­
  • Illinois ­
  • Indiana ­
  • Iowa ­
  • Kansas ­
  • Kentucky ­
  • Louisiana ­
  • Maine ­
  • Maryland ­
  • Massachusetts ­
  • Michigan ­
  • Minnesota ­
  • Mississippi ­
  • Missouri ­
  • Montana ­
  • Nebraska ­
  • Nevada ­
  • New Hampshire ­
  • New Jersey ­
  • New Mexico ­
  • New York ­
  • North Carolina ­
  • North Dakota ­
  • Ohio ­
  • Oklahoma ­
  • Oregon ­
  • Pennsylvania ­
  • Rhode Island ­
  • South Carolina ­
  • South Dakota ­
  • Tennessee ­
  • Texas ­
  • Utah ­
  • Vermont ­
  • Virginia ­
  • Washington ­
  • West Virginia ­
  • Wisconsin ­
  • Wyoming

What are their specialties?

Despite the fifty states, the United States of America is under the only One Constitution, which governs them, and one President heads it. However, each state has its own special features: the highest point, the national parks, the food specialties and capital city that allow travel lovers to visit and explore.

For adventurers

For the climbers, Denali – located in Alaska – is the highest point in the USA, a cold country. Near the North Pole and bordered by the Pacific Ocean, only seven to twelve months are favorable for traveling there.

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For food lovers, the American states are famous for delicious food such as the succulent hamburgers to share with friends, fries and fried chicken for barbecue time, waffles for breakfast, “the super snack”: popcorn for TV times and more than forty other food specialties.Discover the most popular food in America with these dishes to absolutely taste! You can find them everywhere in the corners: restaurant, snack.

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