Image 10 things to know about the state of Michigan

10 things to know about the state of Michigan

Michigan is located in Midwestern USA, near the Great Lakes. It is composed of two peninsulas, which are the Upper Peninsula, and the Lower Peninsula. The largest and the most populous city in the state of Michigan is Detroit.

It is famous for its automobile companies, universities, history and beautiful landscape. In fact, Michigan is a popular tourist destination. To know more about Michigan, explore the following ten most fascinating facts with eDreams.

10 facts to know more about Michigan

  1.  Michigan is home to The Michigan State University. Michigan State University is a reputable public university. Top majors include, but are not limited to, Business Management, Marketing, Communication, Social Sciences, Biology, Medicine, and many others. 
  2. Michigan is home to three US automobile companies. Three American car companies are based in Michigan. 
  3. Michigan is a popular tourist attraction. Popular destinations include The Isle Royale National Park, the Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Lansing, the Pictures Rocks National Lakeshore, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and the North Country National Scenic Trail.
  4. Michigan is home to the largest state park. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park is the largest state park. The waterfalls and lush green landscape make this scenic park a popular tourist destination. 
  5. Michigan is endowed with fascinating museums. Among the most renowned museums are the Gilmore Car Museum, the Air Zoo, the Beaver Island Toy Museum, the American Museum of Magic, the Michigan History Museum, the Mineral Museum of Michigan Houghton, and the American-Arab Muse. 
  6. Over 65,000 works of art are displayed in the galleries at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The galleries also display Islamic art collection. 
  7. Michigan is home to the popular recreational park. The Grand Island National Recreation Area is located in the south of Lake Superior. In addition to its beautiful landscape, the park is a good destination for such recreational activities as hiking, camping, boating. Other people visit the park for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. 
  8. Windmill Island is a picturesque island where tulip flowers blossom and makes the island paradisiac in June. 
  9.  Michigan festivals. Every year, festivals are organized in Michigan, including Ann Harbor Folk Festival, Lansing JazzFest, Old Town BlueFest, and many kinds of music festivals. 
  10.  The best time to visit Michigan in June-July and in August, when the weather is perfect.

Organize your trip to Michigan

Michigan is famous for its numerous tourist attractions, including recreational parks and a panoramic landscape. For more exciting adventure, travelers can play extreme sports by hiking in the mountains or skiing across the country.

Apart from that, Michigan's art galleries feature awe-inspiring works from renowned artists. Besides, it is home to amazing museums which will keep visitors busy during their stay. In short, Michigan is an irresistible travel destination. Do not wait until it is too late to book a flight to Michigan.

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