Image Wyoming : its landscapes, its fauna, the Yellowstone park…

Wyoming : its landscapes, its fauna, the Yellowstone park…

Wyoming will plunge you into a time when the United States was only large spaces where small towns, ranches and cowboys rubbed shoulders. The least populated state of the United States today would shelter more animals than men. And this is not to displease. Far from the big cities and the tourist turmoil of other states, you will find nature here in its raw state.

Contemplative and active stay

Wyoming's wildlife viewing may warrant a trip in itself. The Great Plains provide an opportunity to observe herds of wild animals: bison, moose, antelopes, coyotes, etc. These immense plains of grass extend as far as the eye can see, with little vegetation, so little obstacle to contemplation. You will be rocked by the sound of the wind. It is in this landscape that Brokeback Mountains was shot.

The other landscape of Wyoming is the mountain that covers two thirds of the territory. The Rockies stretch out comfortably, with their alpine landscapes. Other secondary chains also occupy the places: the Snowy Range, the Wind River Range and the Big Horn Mountains.

This is an opportunity to spend sports holidays: hiking and climbing are practicable almost everywhere and winter sports (including skiing and snowboarding) have spread well and attract many tourists every year. Enjoy snow-covered slopes at quality resorts in Hogadon near Casper, Snowy Range, Snow King, near Jackson, and more.

The beautiful Yellowstone Park

Wyoming is best known for its famous parks. In particular, go to Yellowstone and spend at least two days there. It alone deserves the return trip to the United States. The park is an immense expanse with multiple landscapes: forests, canyons, rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges. Above all, and this is what makes it special, fascinating geothermal phenomena. There are different paths to follow, depending on how much time you have. Among the main sites to see, there are:

  •  The Old Faithful: a geyser whose jet can reach 40 meters high, still active, the Mammoth Hot Springs, a landscape of scintillating terraces where the water flows gently (it shines, it foams, it looks like the Liquid snow, and it's just fabulous!).
  •  But also the Black Sand Basin, with multicolored hot springs, the Midway Geyser Basin, the most beautiful source of hot water,
  •  Or the White Dome Geyser, a cone 9 meters high whose eruptions occur every 15 minutes.
  •  Also check out the West Thumb Geyser Basin, whose water is colored with microscopic algae, and the muddy mud: Mud Volcano or Sulfur Caldron.

To see beautiful falls, the 18-kilometer-long Yellowstone Grand Canyon offers a splendid panorama. The upper part is the grandest, it has indeed narrow and deep walls with flamboyant colors, which evolve between yellow, orange, red, gold and brown.

This, of course, contrasts with the dark-blue water bubbling at the bottom of the gorge. As it should, the canyon is punctuated by dizzying falls: the Upper Falls, at the top of the canyon, 33 meters high, and the Lower Falls, a little lower. The park also contains a few lakes, the most important of which is Yellowstone Lake, which fills a volcano crater.

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